Sales Representation

Our company provides a network of sales representatives in Brazil and other Latin American countries who can help you sell your product and digital services and generate a revenue stream within a short period of time.

Strategic Planning

Our company can prepare in depth reports in order for you to understand your clients, your competitors, your potential partners and your revenue stream. These reports will be a vital tool in the internationalization of your company.

Business Development

Our company can provide the bridge into the Latin American market for you content site or any online service that you have. We can help you find the right partners, suppliers and customers for your product.

Product Communication

Our company has a dedicated team who specialize in Online Marketing and Advertising. If you want to launch your product in the Latin American markets or any other countries around the world, our team can help you to achieve your goals.



Activation platform for brands in sporting events.

Huggity gives the opportunity for fans to share their presence at sports events with brands that use it. It has two products, “Fanpic”, a high-resolution photography for the fan find itself in the photo and share it, and “Snappie”, an events amplifier that captures pictures of the guests with the brand.

Based in Dublin.


Learning management system

LearnUpon is used by businesses of all sizes. From small, professional training companies who want to sell their courses online to large corporations who need a learning management system to deliver online training to their staff, clients and partners.

Based in Dublin.


Digitalization platform for educational material

aPperbook is the perfect solution for publishers of educational material. They can quickly scan all the material and access it from any device. It works with all types of schools, universities, and makes the educational material available onnline and offline.

Based in Dublín.


Social media engagement platform

Livefyre helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising.

Based in Palo Alto, California.


Guillermo Prieto


Guillermo was responsible for the product development and marketing at Terra TV in the Latin American and the U.S markets for five years. Prior to that he deployed online advertising technologies and managed products and services for Terra in Brazil, Latin America and the USA as well as working for Telefonica in Spain.

Caíque Severo


Caique participated in the creation of some of the main portals in Brazil. He worked for nine years at Terra, managing content and services and created new digital services at the advertising agency “DM9DDB”. He was responsible for several units at the Brazilian portal iG for six years. He is a frequent panelist at internet events such as YouPix, Campus Party and MediaOn.

Fabiano Ferreira


23 years of experience as executive in marketing, sales and brand portfolio manager at large companies such as Citibank, Telefonica, Pão de Açúcar (Groupe Casino) and CVC (largest Brazilian Tour Operator). For the last four years, Fabiano was partner at direct response agency and production company Hit Publicidade with clients such as Claro/NET (Telmex), BNO Paribas, MasterCard, CVC and UOL

Alejandro Torres Morote

Senior Partner Spain

Alejandro brings more than 10 years of experience in marketing, finance and commercial strategy. Alejandro has developed his professional career in Telefónica where he led new internet multimedia services as a Product Marketing Manager and worked as a financial controller for several years. Alejandro acted as a financial controller also in SKM GRUPO KONECTA, which is an important national dealer for Telefonica. In addition, Alejandro performed several consulting projects related to telecommunication companies, banking and money remittance sectors.

Olivia Czetwertynski

Senior Partner Europe

Olivia specialized in the development of strategies, implementation and monitorization of international communication campaigns (social media, press, PR). She worked as an Accounts Supervisor in some of the main advertising agencies in Belgium, Canada and Spain (MRM Worldwide, TBWA). In Spain she participated as a co-founder of the bloggers platform, and she is currently involved in the marketing of the coworking space utopic_US.


Senior Partner Spain

Uri brings 16 years of international success in IT and telecom-related software, content and operations. Uri worked for Unipier (formerly known as Cash-U), where he manages the European accounts such as Telefonica, Vodafone and Wind, and has succeeded to significantly increase the revenues in his designated territory during 5 consecutive years.During his career Uri worked for multinationals like Motorola and Amdocs in the areas of provisioning, message processing, billing and CRM for mobile operators in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Colombia, Singapore etc., where he performed large scale system analysis, design, development management and production operations.



Law firm

International firm, leader in advanced professional services in auditing, advising and consulting.

Based in Madrid.

Real Innova

Digital business development

Creating opportunities for digital companies in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Based in Madrid.


Development company

Sofyma is an agile web development company with teams in the United Kingdom, Spain and Bulgaria. It is willing to contract it services for startups in Latin America and the USA.

Based in Madrid and Sofia.


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