Entrepreneur and investment platform

Adventurees is a business development and investment platform. It also offers a software to institutions and entrepreneurship programs, a methodology and a legal vehicle to manage ecosystems, facilitate the preparation of projects and their access to financing.

Based in Madrid. Spain.


Activation platform for brands in sporting events.

Huggity gives the opportunity for fans to share their presence at sports events with brands that use it. It has two products, “Fanpic”, a high-resolution photography for the fan find itself in the photo and share it, and “Snappie”, an events amplifier that captures pictures of the guests with the brand.

Based in Dublin.


Learning management system

LearnUpon is used by businesses of all sizes. From small, professional training companies who want to sell their courses online to large corporations who need a learning management system to deliver online training to their staff, clients and partners.

Based in Dublin.


Digitalization platform for educational material

aPperbook is the perfect solution for publishers of educational material. They can quickly scan all the material and access it from any device. It works with all types of schools, universities, and makes the educational material available onnline and offline.

Based in DublĂ­n.